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Peace of Mind. Tarkan Mustafa, MA. Mental Training and Therapy Available 7 days LONDON.

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music studio performance coach and creative music coach.


Over 30 years of Performing and Recording Experience


Have you booked or are thinking about booking a recording studio? And you want a personal musical advisor and coach to help with the production and recording and help you with your performance and motivation and musical awareness? Then simply book me now for a minimum 10hr or more SUPPORT session. I will meet you at the studio and spend the day or week or whatever with you there. Fees are negotiable; however generally I charge £60 an hour and this must be taken into consideration. Call me on 07985 373 559 before to make the booking and then make the initial payment online using this paypal button below.







My job is to:


  • make sure all your instruments are tuned correctly
  • give you dietry advice
  • give you motivational support
  • advise you on the recording in terms of sound, structure, composition, creativity, multi-tracking, and mixing.
  • make sure your negativity levels are as low as possible
  • share with you necessary stories and examples from the history of rock and pop that will help you to perform better and record better.
  • Help you know and understand yourself better as an original artist.
  • Help you keep levels of unoriginality as low as possible.
  • Make sure each take is the best possible take.
  • Make sure you are being the best that you can possibly be on the day and performing the best that you can possibly perform.
  • Spiritual support for enhanced creative output.

















Music Therapy and Guidance Sessions


These sessions are designed to bring out your hidden strengths and to replace negative mind and body energy with positive energy; bringing clarity to your personal, emotional, social, psychological, spiritual, and work life.


• Music therapy

• Hypnosis therapy

• Voice utilisation healing

• Musical instrument therapy

• Group music therapy


Music therapy not only helps and benefits individuals who suffer from personal or psychological problems but also individuals who are Autistic or who suffer from Epilepsy to name but a few. 30 mins - £30 - 1 hour - £60




Meditation and Spiritual support


Meditation therapy in small groups or individual one to one private meditation sessions.


Sessions are held at The Peace of Mind Therapy Centre in Enfield or ANYWHERE IN LONDON in the comfort of your own home with a Visit Session.


One to one sessions involve a brief discussion about your state and what you want

to achieve with your meditations. This is followed by guidance on what meditation can do for you and how you need to begin your meditaion. The meditations begin a little at a time followed by an analysis of your experience. The meditations can and hopefully will result in many postive experiences which will begin to make your life easier, with more postive energy and awareness. The sessions can last anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours depending on the needs of the individual.















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