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Peace of Mind. Tarkan Mustafa, MA.  Mental Training and Therapy Available 7 days LONDON.

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PEACE OF MIND - REAL HEALING for Stress, Depression or Anxiety


Psychotherapy and Mind Coaching


In our sessions we work on mind muscle and mind power. Here we have a mental workout.  Ideas can make us or break us. When the right ideas from our sessions improve your mental states you will begin to experience more and more joy and power in your life. Everything will begin to fall in place and your life will become alot easier and enjoyable.


Here at Peace of Mind we take our mental and emotional health very seriously and focus on self-development constantly. Although technology has made progress, people's mental health is deteriorating rapidly and we live in a new world full of wrong ideas and misconceptions. From misconceptions and error comes weakness. From Reality and Wisdom comes strength, beauty and power. 


The more mind power you have the more at peace you will be because you will be calm and relaxed, happy, and completely positive with yourself and positive with those around you.




Our sessions are a method of empowerment and overcoming.


This empowerment and overcoming comes about through an increase in

accurate objective and subjective knowledge.


You will learn to know your true self under the light of advanced psychological and spiritual insight. 


With a clear understanding of your real mental position, and the mental position of others, you will

begin to recover and advance in knowledge and strength from session to session.


This world can sometimes exhaust a person and leave them weak. Our sessions bring out your hidden strengths and powers which make life so much more easier and enjoyable.


A spiritual freedom is eventually experienced. A freedom which comes from high spirits and we are no longer in low spirits.


Again this happens NATURALLY and without effort on your part. There is an increase in psycho-spiritual knowledge and understanding.


You will have more physical and mental energy, but it will be from yourself and not from any unnatural mental effort, or from the temporary nervous energy that may come about from following a path or school of thought that is built on error.


Mind  Coaching also eliminates the following common and troubling conditions: Worry, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Phobias, Stress, Addictions, Traumas, Lack of Self-confidence, Lack of Self-esteem,  Weight problems, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and many more.




Tarkan Mustafa, MA. is a qualified Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Acupressure practitioner. Peace of Mind has been in service since 2005 and has helped thousands of people overcome their personal, business and family problems and issues. Please do not hesitate to call on 07985 373 559 for a FREE consultation over the phone. 



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